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Naylor/Carpenter/Allenbaugh/Flickinger Family/Naylor/Garman/Wolf Family
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Knapp/Disbrow/Guersney Family

Nicholas KNAPP
  • Birth: ABT 1606 in England 
  • Death: 15/27 Apr 1670 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, United States 
  • Burial: 1670 Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, United States
  • Immigration: 1630 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States
  • Event: Granted six acres in Beaverbrook Plowlands, 28 February 1636/7 Property 28 Feb 1636/1637 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Event: Granted thirty acres in the Great Dividend in Watertown, 25 July 1636 Property 25 Jul 1636 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Event: Granted seven acres in Remote Meadows, 26 June 1637 Property 26 Jun 1637 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Event: thirteen acres of upland beyond the Farther Plain Property BEF 1642 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Event: sixteen acre homestall Property BEF 1642 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States 1
  • Event: two acres in Pine Marsh Property BEF 1642 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Event: one acre of meadow in Pond Meddow Property BEF 1642 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Event: Signed will by mark. His inventory included books valued at 6s. 6d. Education 1
  • Event: Granted a farm of 117 acres, 10 May 1642 Property 10 May 1642 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States 1
  • Event: On 29 September 1645 "Nicholas Knap of Watertowne" sold to Edward Garfield one acre of meadow Property 29 Sep 1645 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Immigration: 1646 Stamford, , Connecticut, United States Event: On 6 May 1646 "Nicholas Knapp of Watertowne" sold to Bryan Pendleton "all his land in Watertowne granted by the town Property 6 May 1646 Watertown, , Massachusetts, United States Will: 15 Apr 1670 Stamford, , Connecticut, United States
  • Marriage 1 + Eleanor b: ABT 1610 in England
    • Married: ABT 1631 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, United States
    • daughter
    • Name: - Sarah KNAPP Marriage 1 Peter DISBOROUGH(Disbrow)Married: 6 Apr 1657 in Stamford, , Connecticut, United States
    • Peter DISBROW was the leading person in the purchase of Rye, NY from the Indians and may be considered the founder of Rye. He was living in Rye, NY by 1660 and until his death on the 2nd of March, 1688, at the age of fifty-seven years. He had a large landed estate in the town, his house standing on 'The Plains,' in the neighborhood of the present rectory. October 13, 1681, the General Court of Connecticut "considering the great loss that hath befallen Peter DISBROW by fyer, doe remitt unto him his country rate for the year ensuing." (Pub. Records of Conn., vol. iii. p. 89.)
      His wife was Sarah KNAPP, daughter of Nicholas of Stamford. They had two sons, Peter and John; and six
    • Elisabeth DISBROW Sex: F
    • Birth: 1676 in Rye, Westchester Co. NY Death: 15 SEP 1753 in Woodbury, Litchfield Co
    • . Elizabeth Disbrow, She married Joseph Geurnsey. Joseph was of Milford, CT. He married Eleanor first and her sister, Elizabeth, second

    More to come when i have time to do the research

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