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VanZile Family one of the First Familys of Ashland Ohio

Thomas Vanzile was born about 1765 in Holland. He died on May 30 1855 in Ohio. He was buried in Ohio. He married Rebecca Meade about 1800 in Probably New York.

He was blind as of 1850 in Vermillion township. He came with hisfamily to Ohio in the early 1800's

Rebecca Meade [Parents] was born in 1781 in Nine Partners, Dutchess County, New York. She died on May 18 1850 in Probably Ohio. She married Thomas Vanzile about 1800 in Probably New York.

They had the following children:

Jesse Vanzile [Parents] was born on Aug 25 1802 in New York. He died on Apr 7 1889 in Ashland County, Ohio. He married Mary Margaret Whisemore on Feb 18 1822 in Wayne County, Ohio.

Jesse VanZile was the owner of a mill in Perrysville, Ohio. He came with his father from New York in 1820. He married in Wayne county in1822. In 1838 he bought an acre of land.

He was a Farmer And Mill Owner in Green Twp Ashland Co. Oh.. Ashland County

Newspaper Jan 23, 1890 Jesse Vanzile estate vs Abraham & Elizabeth, who reside at Hush Post Office, Allen Co. IN. and Daniel & Minerva, who reside at Germa Post Office, Dekalb Co., IN. ------ In the1830 census Vermillion Twp. page 138 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30. In the 1880 Census ofGreen Twp., Ashland Co., Oh. Jesse Vanzile is white male 78 years old,Occupation. hermit born NY father born Holland mother born NY.

Mary Margaret Whisemore was born on Nov 3 1800 in Ohio. She died on Jun 20 1839 in Ashland County, Ohio. She married Jesse Vanzile on Feb 18 1822 in Wayne County, Ohio.

They had the following children:

  M i Thomas Vanzile
  F ii Elizabeth Vanzile
  M iii John Vanzile
  M iv Abraham Vanzile
  M v Perry Vanzile
  M vi Daniel W. Vanzile
  M vii Israel Ezeriah Vanzile
  F viii Sidney V. Vanzile
  F i

Thomas Vanzile [Parents] was born on Nov 6 1826 in Ohio. He died on Apr 7 1902 in Ohio. He married Elizabeth Britt on Sep 11 1850 in Ohio.

Elizabeth Britt was born in 1821 in Ohio. She married Thomas Vanzile on Sep 11 1850 in Ohio.

They had the following children:

  M i William Vanzile
  F ii Susan Vanzile
  M iii Morgan Vanzile was born in 1856 in Ohio. He died on Oct 31 1920 in Ohio.
  F iv Mary A. Vanzile was born in 1858.
  F v Elizabeth Vanzile
  M vi Jesse Vanzile was born in 1863 in Indiana.
  M vii Joseph Vanzile was born on Nov 27 1864 in Allen County, Indiana. He died on Nov 20 1913 in Ashland County, Ohio.
  M viii Gary Vanzile
  M ix James Vanzile was born on Mar 27 1868 in Probably Ohio. He died on Nov 19 1913 in Probably Ohio




Lavina Vanzile


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catherine Vanzile their daughter is not listed but married George Allenbaugh and died from a bee sting.