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Naylor/Carpenter/Allenbaugh/Flickinger Family/Naylor/Garman/Wolf Family
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naylor/Flickinger Family

Malinda Flickinger and Isaac Garman wedding

Durs flickinger born in 1664 Married Elizabeth? probably in Switzerland. They had a son Durs Flickinger born 1706-1792 Married Anna Hess born in 1705. They ha a son Peter Phillip Flickinger was born in 1730 in Switerland and died September 10, 1807, in North Umberland Co., Pa. He married Mary Derr in 1755, in Pottstwon, Berks, Pa. she was born abt 1740 in Of., Germany and died 1812 in Icersburg, Perry Co., Pa.

The family of Peter and Mary Derr, consisted of 7 children, all born in Berks County, Pa

Christain, 1756-1816, Revoluntionary solider,
Jacob Derr, 1758-1820, md Susan Witt(Born March 9, 1820)
John1761 md (?) Comp
Peter Philip, 1762 md. Mary Wonderly
Hery, 1764, md Maraget Yohn
Elizabeth, 1768 md Daniel Wonderly
Geroge, 1771-1906, md Christina Dale Jacob Derr Flickinger and Susan Witt, had 11 children:

Dr. George, 1783- 1856, md Esther Arnold, Pa
Susanna, 178401880,md Joseph Arnold, Ohio
Peter, 1787-1849, md Elizabeth Keifer, Ohio
Jacob, 1790-1820, md Christina Wilhelm, Pa
Abraham, 1793-1841, md Catherine Saylor, Pa
John, 1795-1841, mf Catherine Fechtner, Ohio
Polly, 1796-1849, md Samuel Van Dorston, Ohio
Daniel, 1800-1873, md Catherine Lowry, Ohio
Catherine, 1803-1888, md Charles Bennett, Ohio
Samuel, 1805-1873, md Elizabeth Beeghly, Pa
Leah, 1809-1847, md Archibald Uhl, Ill

Jacob Flickinger married Christina Wilhelem(born abt 1790) in 1814 in Bedford Country, Pa. They had a son Levi born july 24, 1817 and died in 1908. He married Anna Newman on May 9, 1839. I would tend to belive that Jacob and Christina had more than one child but can not find any more information.
Levi and Anna had son Daniel born April 7, 1847(died 1937) in Lake Fork, Ashland County, Ohio. He married Eliza Ensminger(born abt 1848 and diedin 1920) married in 1869 in Lake fork, Ohio.
They had the following children:
Malinda, 1873 - ? md. Issac Garman- 1873 - ?(this i my husband great grandparents)
Amanda 1869-?
Mina, 1870 -?
Ora , 1874 -?
Thomas, 1885- 1963
Harvey, 1878
All the above children were born in Lake Fork, Ohio

The following children i could not find birth or death dates
or where they where born:

Herbert, 1886 born in Londonville, Ohio

Flossie married Loren Naylor.(born 1886 died 1926) They had two sons Orlo born 1910 and died in 1992 in Ashland counnty, Ohio and Issac no dates. Orlo married Juanita Carpernter in 1931.(This is my husband parents)

They had four children:
Orlo jr, 1933-1943
Annette, 1942
Raymond, 1949

Some more family history i found:

ArchIlbad Uhl was born in Jun 1808 in , Allegany Co., MD. He died in 1850 in San Francisco, , CA. He was buried in 1850 in , , CA.

He was married to Leah FLICKINGER in 1827 in , , MD. Archibald and Leah lost two children within a month while in
Maryland with flux. They moved to Carlinville, IL where Leah died.
Archibald died in the California gold rush. (See under surname
Flickinger family in Ft. Wayne Library.) Leah FLICKINGER was born in 1811. She died in 1849 in Carlinville, Macoupin Co., IL. She was buried in 1849 in , , IL.

The following family members fought in the following wars:
Flickinger, Carl R. 1923-1971 WWII Wooster
Flickinger, David J. 1944-1994 Vietnam Sherwood Memorial Gardens
Flickinger, Elmer R. 1894-1971 WWI Mt. Zion
Flickinger, Leo B. 1917-1974 WWII Wooster
Flickinger, Samuel Civil Rumbaugh
Flickinger, Wayne

Garman Family,-Flossie as a child in the middle

flossie Naylor and Willis Shopbell wedding

i obtainned alot of information off the internet one site ..http://www.ancestory, and also from posting boards and from the friendly folks that helped me. Also some information came from the book The Flickinger Family History written by Robert Flickinger in 1927.