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more interesting info on the Flickinger family line

The meaning of the Flickinger name

The family name "Flickinger" has been the subject of many inquires.

In the printed record of a shipload of Palatines from the Rhine-Palatinate in Bavaria, Germany, the name is spelled "Pfluekinger." The name is of German origin and in the early form of the spelling, the first letter, "P" is silent, suggests the one to whom it was first given was a plower, plowman, or farmer from the German "Pflueger," a plower, or farmer.

In the history of Hutwil, Switzerland, a century later, the name is spelled Flukiger eight times in 1834, Fluckiger, five times during the period 1842-1899, and Fluckinger three times for the early period 1382-1438. These four variations suggest a combination of Pfluege-lunger, a follower of the plow. If the son was known as junior, then Pflueger-lunger, the junior plower or young farmer.

The foregoing derivation harmonizes with their occupation. During the first century and a half the Flickingers lived in America they have stuck to the farm.

Later a great many became ministers, educators, lawyers, doctors and legislators. They were born and inured to habits of thrift and industry on farms.

An early ancestor lived in France. The name here was Fleckingier. This probably derived from "Flechier" - arrow maker. Variations were "Flechin" -- Little arrow and "goer"-- maker.

Old French records contain many names that end with "ingier." While simplifying the name, a slip of the pen could change the "Flechingier to Flickinger.

Now all branches of the family save the last one arriving - 1883 have adopted the American form of spelling, and most of them the English pronunciation which makes the "g" soft, Flick-in-ger.

In the muster rolls of soldiers of the Revolution the name appears once as Fleckynger; twice as Flickinginer; and three times as Flickinger. William Clemens, author and publisher of genealogies gives us another derivation of the family name, Flickinger.

Among the earliest Teutons (Germans) that settled on British soil. The origin of the name is suggested by the Teutonic root "Flec." "Vlec," "Flig." "Fleck," "Flick," etc., signifying a tract of land, a village. To this root add the common ending, "ing," meaning a meadow, and the suffix "er," the universal representative of the doer of anything and you have Flickinger a man who dwelt near the village meadow, a tiller of the soil.

Amish Family Names: primarily of the Alsatian Group and their Descendants.

Albrecht / Augsburger / Bachman / Bechler / Beller / Belsley / Berkey (Burki) / Camp (Kemp) / Conrad / Egli / Eicher / Fahrney / Flickinger / Gascho / Gerig / Gunden (Gundy) / Guth / Heiser / Imhoff / Jantzi / Kennel / Kinisger / Klopfenstein / Litwiller / Nafziger (Noffsinger) / Oesch (Esch) / Oyer (Auer) / Raber / Ramseyer / Rediger / Ringenberg / Ropp (Rupp) / Rocke (Roggi) / Roth / Ruvenacht / Schertz / Slagel / Smith / Sommer / Springer / Stahley / Strubhar / Stuckey / Studer / Sutter / Sweitzer / Verkler / Wagler / Wyse / Yordy / Yutzi (Jutzi) / Zehr

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Levi Flickinger, son of Jacob and Christena Flickinger, was born in Londonderry Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, July 24,1817; he came to Ohio in 1838, and settled in Mohican Township, Ashland County, where he has since resided. May 9,1839, he married Annie Newman, of this county. They have had eight children as follows: Amanda A., born December 13,1840, died February 14,1841; Delilah, born February 18,1842; Nathaniel, born March 26,1844, died March 22,1864: Daniel T., born April 7,1847; Charlotte, born December 10,1848: Elias, born November 22,1851; and two who died in infancy, unnamed.
Mrs. Flickinger died September 26,1856, and he was again married February 26,1857, to Eliza Wolever. They had seven children, as follows: Levi W., born December 10,1857; Samuel L., born August 22,1859; Ida P., born January 31,1861; Isaiah C., born July 5,1863; Eliza L., born June 6,1865; George E., born January 10,1868, died June 3,1878; Maggie, born October 9,1869. Mr. Flickinger is a member of the United Brethren church.

contributed and transcibed by
Russ Shopbell